History of Bouzouki

History of Bouzouki

8 Bouzouki Legens from George Aliti book


Bouzouki Roots

Bouzouki Roots

The bouzouki belongs to a family of long neck lute instruments such as Saz, Tanbur and Bouzouk. The name "Bouzouki" is believed to derive from "Bozuk" which means "broken", possibly referring to the alteration of the tuning of this instrument from the Anatolian/ Central Asian.

The bouzoukiis roots extend back to the long-necked lutes of ancient Persia and Byzantium. During the Byzantine period, the Bouzouki was known as Thampoura or the Tampoura The early bouzoukis had three courses (six strings in three pairs) and were generally tuned to D3A3D4.
Bouzouki in Greece.

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The bouzouki (plural sometimes transliterated as bouzoukia) is the mainstay of modern Greek music. It is a stringed instrument with a pear-shaped body and a very long neck. The bouzouki is a member of the 'long neck lute' family and is similar to a mandolin. The front of the body is flat and is usually heavily inlaid with mother-of-pearl. The instrument is played with a plectrum and has a sharp metallic sound.

History Of Bouzouki

Bouzouki History

In Ancient Greece, this instrument was known as the "pandouris" or "pandourion", also called the "trichordo" because it had three strings;
it was the first fretted instrument known, forerunner of the various families of lutes worldwide. The source of our knowledge about this instrument is the Mantineia marble
(4th century BC, now exhibited at Athens Archaeological Museum), depicting the mythical contest between Apollo and Marsyas,
where a pandouris is being played by a muse seated on a rock.

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